Hors d’Oeuvres Menu
Passed Hors d’Oeuvres
$2 per piece – select up to 4 items
Crab Salad on Puff Pastry  
Potato Beignets  
Smoked Salmon on Toast Points  
Gazpacho Shooters  
Chicken Salad on Brioche  
Tomato Tartar on Puff Pastry  
Pâté on Toast Points  
Crab Cakes  
Tuna Tartar on Toast Points  
Family Style Appetizers
Each appetizer serves 3 to 4 guests  
Moules Marinières $12
our famous mussels, white wine, garlic, parsley, cream  
Escargot au Pastis $9
escargots, crispy polenta, roasted garlic, crushed tomatoes  
Plat de Charcuterie $13
assortment of prosciutto, saucisson, pâté, olives and sweet peppers  
Calamari Frit $8
corn meal-dusted calamari, harissa remoulade  
Coquilles St. Jacques $12
roasted Maine scallops, cucumber, mint, tomatoes, lemon, garlic, Valbrese  
Sea Salt-Cured Salmon Carpaccio $9
shaved asparagus, shallots, fresh herbs, lemon pressed olive oil  
Plat de Fromages $13
Selection of French cheese, including Roquefort, Saint André, and Emmental  

Please contact Mary Graham at 404.233.9889 or via email at info@anisbistro.comfor additional information about social and corporate group dining at Anis Café &Bistro.